So let’s talk about Mo-D TV. It is designed as a ‘talk show on the road.’ What! Yeah, and it’s hosted by me, Mo-D, a funny, stylish and urban kind of guy with impeccable improv skills. I want to create a buzz by setting up a late night talk show style desk in the middle of major urban centres. I should also mention the show takes place during the day. Here’s how the show would look: to kick things off I’ll deliver a monologue that sets up our theme for the day, our conversation piece so to speak. It could range from topics like personal space to etiquette, love to germs.

These themes are the thread through the show. I’ll even head out to the community and get their humorous take on it. Gotta throw in some local celebrity interviews – they’ll give me their personal anecdote on the theme of the day. So fresh and stylish is the one of a kind interview set up. The local celebrity will be in a guest chair next to me and surrounding them is a steady stream of curious on-lookers who will not only be our fill-ins for an audience, but they will get to interact with the local celebrity guest by asking questions as well as become a part of what would appear to be an impromptu talk show.

To keep up an energetic pace mixed within the talk show is a comedic short where I – the self-deprecating, yet charismatic host – would venture back out into the community to put the theme to the test. A Social Experiment, Taking the everyday conversation piece and putting my own spin on it. For example, have you ever had fantastic service from a Hot Dog Vendor before?

So there you have it, it’s funny, it’s stylish, it’s entertaining, it’s urban and, like me, doesn’t take itself way too seriously.

That’s Mo-D TV.